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A Hollywood Class Studio with the San Francisco Sound!

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Album Excerpts
Our studio has welcomed many types of artists, from Classical to Rap, Jazz to Rock, and they’ve all enjoyed how their music “lives and breathes” in our magnificent studio environment.

Our audio clips will give you an idea of the San Francisco Sound! Guitar fret noise, foot stomping, and other live music features were accurately captured and purposely included according to the artists’ intentions. Your renditions can be as “clean” or as “real life” flavored as you wish.

Ron Elliott
“The Village Elliott”
Folk Rock/Other Songwriter, singer/guitarist Ron Elliott (formerly of the Beau Brummels—America’s answer to The Beatles) laid down these vocals and guitar tracks of his original tunes live (no overdubs) in the main studio mostly in a single take. Premium microphones, additional guitar track, 2 inch 24 track analog, Logic mix-down. No effects.

Track a: Bigfoot
Track b: City Girl
Track c: Rumors

Mattinatta di Matteo
“Mando Liscio”
World Music, six piece mandolin/guitar ensemble with accordion. Recorded live (some instrument doubling overdubs), in main studio, Logic multi-track. Final mix, no effects. Natural room reverberation only..

Track a: Mio Dolce Sogno
Track b: Mandolira

D. Johnson
“Doney Blues”
Mississippi Delta/River Blues ala Robert Johnson. Vocals and guitar recorded live in main studio in Logic multi-track (premium mics), some overdubs. Our first album.

Track a: Terraplane Blues
Track b: They’re Red Hot
Track c: Doney Blues

Giotta & Daniels
“The Guinea Pig Session”
Jazz session-totally improvised. Very early recording, experimental microphone set-up, Baldwin SD-10 concert grand piano and
Excelsior 940B accordion recorded in single takes on 2” 24 track analog. Mixed in analog. Premium microphones. Jazz club type mix, natural and artificial reverb, EQ. Fabio Giotta, accordion, Danny Daniels, piano

Track a: Manha de Carnaval
Track b: Satin Doll

David Sturdevant & the Medicine Ball Band
“You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”
Dixieland Jazz, live and overdub recording with mix-down in Logic. Live, big studio, feel.
You Me Feel Like Dancing

What our happy artists say about our studios:

Ron Elliott:
Trieste…Studio 65A….. is a mature design…..Currently it’s strength is 24 track analog tape. Analog records warmer than digital, so when transfered to digital there is a natural warmth already included in the mix…..

Sheri Mignano/Mattinatta di Matteo:
Recording acoustic music is both an art and a science. Luckily, the mandolin ensemble benefited from a conscientious effort to produce an authentic and natural sound. Our debut CD shows us off with excellent results. We appreciated the time the Trieste Studio team took to set up an ideal environment under which we could record comfortably. Mille Grazie!

D. Johnson:
Trieste Studios did a great job recording. The studio itself is well-designed and an excellent live room. Thanks to Fabio and Nova.

Giotta and Daniels:
Musical magic captured in glorious analog. We had a ball and went home with a surprise musical memory.

Dave Sturdevant and Medicine Ball Band
A great studio with some really fine mics, the capability to record analog and digital simultaneously, and an amazing 10 foot Baldwin Grand.

Studio 65A is a “one stop” facility that offers a wide range of digital and analog recording services ranging from digital or analog, to simple mastering, and digital or analog major mix-down and mastering in many formats. We also offer tape restoration of analog-consumer recorded and professionally recorded tapes, record cleaning, transfers (with or without audio processing and effects) from 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm records to any tape format or compact disc for archiving. Do you have an obsolete format tape player that works? We can lift audio tracks from virtually anything, from micro-cassette to four or eight track cartridges. We also provide other services such as analog disc mastering (“cutting a record”) in 33 and 45 rpm. Our professional tape formats include: Analog: ¼” reel to reel full track, 2 track and 4 track, and 2 inch 24 track, Digital: 16 and 20 bit ADAT, 20 and 24 bit standard and High Resolution DAT. Other common formats include cassette, VHS standard or Hi-Fi, Super VHS, Beta, Super Beta, ¼” reel to reel 1/4 track stereo, and ¼” two track monaural. Session rates during our Launch Special start at only $40.80 per hour with a three hour minimum, and include our young and extremely talented lead engineer, Jeff Vella. Please call for rates on our many services.

Now open to the public
, the Giotta Family and the Trieste Musical Family now have a beautiful studio complex to work in; and one that will be available at a fraction of what those comparable major studios in Berkeley and Sausalito would charge. The studio is open on a limited but flexible schedule by appointment. For more information, please call 415 550 1107 or email us at: triesterecording@aol.com

Back in the late 90’s, the idea of a new release of the Saturday Live at the Caffe Trieste album had already been put into action. Later, with the development of Papa Gianni’s biography, an idea for a Mamma and Papa “special album” came about. We were again faced with the problem of where to work. An associate came up with the idea of rebuilding the old project Studio 55 in some open space at our Potrero Hill Production Facility, complete with a modest room for doing live recordings. Papa Gianni slowly embraced the idea, then “ran with it”. Audio engineer and A/V studio owner Barry Brose of Highland Laboratories, a long time friend and collaborator, suggested many acoustic and technical improvements during the design, construction and installation phases. Strictly a Giotta Family venture, the studio grew to be a large format facility according to the old Hollywood standards. Acoustically engineered from the ground up in the old tradition of “live” studios, more state of the art digital and fabulous analog equipment was procured. The new Trieste Recording-Studio 65A was born.

The studio is a throwback to the grand old studios of yesteryear such as Golden State/Sonic Arts (San Francisco), Western (Los Angeles), and the original Capitol Record Studios (originally radio station KHB on Melrose Avenue-Los Angeles). It sports a main studio of almost 9000 cubic feet, two acoustically tuned- live isolation booths, a Baldwin “Liberace” model SD10 Concert Grand Piano, a 1956 Allen tube Organ, vintage and digital accordions and guitars, a beautiful custom Tama Star Maker studio drum set, and a fabulous inventory of restored and new microphones from RCA, Altec Lansing, Shure, Electro-Voice, Neumann and other makers. In the control room, you’ll find Altec Lansing Duplex Monitor speakers in custom Sieler enclosures, Dynaco tube amplifiers, a Scully 280B and an Otari 2 inch/24 track tape machine, and lots of other vintage and modern day equipment from Altec-Lansing, Dynaudio, Dolby, Universal Audio, Orban, Teac, Mackie, Alesis, Aphex, Tascam, Apple, Logic, Motu, Yamaha and other manufacturers. The studio is lit with video-correct halogen, and video-taping of sessions or shows is available. We are certain that eldest son Gianfranco would be so enamoured with Studio 65A, he would probably be camped there permanently.


From An Engineer’s Perspective:

Selecting a studio to record a project is more difficult now than it used to be. On one hand, you have all digital “Pro-Tools” based “home-type” studios that are very inexpensive but lack good acoustics and outboard equipment and, most of all, musical and production experience. On the other hand, you have the high ticket, big budget “company type” studio.

The middle ground is very scarce. These days, the one studio I recommend for both digital and analog projects is TRIESTE in San Francisco.

Its owners have been in the music business for many years and have the experience to bring in a musically satisfying project within budget. TRIESTE RECORDING STUDIOS has a good selection of both “tube and solid state, analog outboard gear” and recording equipment as well as the standard digital equipment available for recording in an exceptional acoustic space. As a recording specialist with close to 40 years experience, I can recommend TRIESTE RECORDING STUDIOS to satisfy your recording requirements.

David Tonelli, KRKD FM “Jazz 103”, Oakland , CA &
Former Chief Engineer: Golden State Recorders &
The Mastering Room-San Francisco, CA

In August 1997, work began on the installation of a modest but capable studio on Potrero Hill at the Caffe Trieste Superb Coffees production facility. All mastering, re-mastering, special processing, tape restoration, and production was done at the studio on impeccably maintained vintage as well as modern-day, high tech equipment (in cooperation withHighland Laboratories-San Francisco. Our little “Studio 55”, which produced the “Senza Te” album and began work on the upcoming expanded “Saturday Live at Caffe Trieste” album was disassembled in August of 1999, and the building that housed it was sold. But how could a musical family like ours afford NOT to have a studio?

In December of 2001, work began on a similar studio at one of the Giotta residences. It was finished off in earnest in Spring of 2002 as a small Pro Studio, and the groundwork for many new albums and projects has been laid at our little Studio 25. A converted bedroom with a high ceiling serves as a fine Playback and Dubbing Studio for various formats. The studio is also ideal for forensic work and dubs from relatively rare formats and acoustically follows BBC specifications. It was disassembled in early 2007 for its move to our Potrero Hill-San Francisco complex, where it is renamed STUDIO 65B.


Trieste Records came into existence in 1981 with the introduction of our first LP Saturday Live at Caffe Trieste. Upcoming albums include a collection of favorite Trieste Concert duets and solos performed by octogenarians, Ida and Papa Gianni, a new, expanded version of Saturday Live at Caffe Trieste, and vocal and accordion instrumental collections by Fabio and Sonia.

Our first CD release Senza Te is elder brother Gianfranco’s first ever solo album. Younger brother Fabio shared an all-encompassing collaboration in the production of this album with Associate Producer Rob Masud (formerly of Golden State Recorders/Sonic Arts Corp.- San Francisco) and Barry Brose of Highland Labs. The CD includes other members of the Trieste musical family. This collection of previously unreleased recordings spans a wide range of repertoire and includes the original rock ballad “Senza Te”composed and written by Gianfranco. Other upcoming releases will include the expanded, CD version of Saturday Live at Caffe Trieste. Sound clips and CD’s are available at TheOrchard.com, CDNOW, CDBABY and Amazon.com.

Senza Te

sensatecoverCOMPACT DISC $14.95

This album contains tracks from eight different recording sessions dating from 1963 to February 1998. Most of the 19 tracks are previously unreleased. These include a large range of repertoire as well as many artists and engineers from both the Bay Area and abroad. The CD has a unique, San Francisco flavor; the multi-lingual repertoire includes Standards, Rock, Ballads, Jazz, Italian, and Showtunes. This album also chronicles the work of brothers Gianfranco and Fabio and other members of the Trieste musical family. Senza Te, a rock-ballad with music and lyrics by Gianfranco was written 1969 and has never been released. This album is Gianfranco’s only solo album!

CD $14.95


The Trieste Musical Family cares very much about the wonderful folks who share their talent with us through the fine musical repertoire perfromed in the Concert.  To show our support and respect, Caffe Trieste Incorporated-Trieste Music is a licensee of ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.