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December 3, 1927 – March 9, 2013

Front row, left to right: Marcosignori, Paolo Brandoni, Fabio Giotta Back row: Fabio Petromilli, Paolo Petromilli

Second photo: Accordionists Marcosignori and Giotta in deep discussion.

Fabio plays his first generation Cordovox Super V as he backs-up his brother Gianfranco during the Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert, circa 1998.

Letter to the Editor:

“Al Iorio (passing of)” Letter to the Editor – North Jersey/Newsweek

A Brief, Comprehensive History of the Cordovox and Other Electronic Accordions
Second Edition, by Fabio G. Giotta (24mb PDF, large file download)

A Brief, Comprehensive History of the Cordovox and Other Electronic Accordions by Fabio G. Giotta (Second Edition, 8-4-2013-English) This revised and expanded, quick-reading article with dozens of photographs seeks to set-straight the mountains of misinformation about these magnificent instruments and their provenance, as commonly seen on the Internet. The article covers Cordovox, Elka, Iorio, Scandalli, Crucianelli, Petosa and many other brands and firms. A long list of authorities is cited, including classical accordion virtuoso, arranger and former Director of instrument Development for Farfisa- Gervasio Marcosignori, The International Museum of the Accordion, and many more.

Pilgrimage to Accordionland by Fabio G. Giotta
(October 25, 2012-English)

A chronicle of multiple visits to the Accordion Capitol of the World: Castelfidardo, Italy, and the International Museum of the Accordion, along with conversations with its curators and celebrated classical accordion virtuoso, arranger and Farfisa’s former Director of Instrument Development, Gervasio Marcosignori.

Pellegrinaggio Alla Terra Della Fisarmonica da Fabio G. Giotta
(25 Ottobre, 2012-Italiano)

Una cronaca di diverse visite alla Capitale Mondiale Della Fisarmonica-Castelfidardo, ed il Museo Internazionale Della Fisarmonica, assieme con conversazioni con I suoi conservatori, eppure con celebre fisarmonicista virtuoso, ex Direttore Tecnico-Musicale e dimostratore/concertista della Farfisa-Gervasio Marcosignori.