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Knights of Saint Francis lend the Pope a hand!

by Fabio G. Giotta

INTRODUCTION:  In the last several days, I circulated and posted an article titled “Piazza St. Francis, A Poet’s Plaza” with the byline “Accordions in the Piazza-St. Francis Was a Musician!” wherein I explained the Piazza St. Francis project of the KNIGHTS OF SAINT FRANCIS!  In fact, the small but mighty Knights organization heads-up several important projects.

 BACKGROUND: Founded in 2008 by Angela Alioto, the” Knights” is an international, Franciscan value based, charitable, lay organization (501c3 tax status) and arch-confraternity based in San Francisco, California that “serves”,  tending to St. Francis tenets – 3 P’s and an A (Peace, Planet, Poor,) and Animals.  The K.O.S.F. is a volunteer organization open to both Catholics and non-Catholics.


photo by Korean Culture and Information Service

 THE NEWEST PROJECT: Right now, the K.O.S.F. is helping to nationally amplify and disseminate Pope Francis’ message about the environment and Global Warming, as stated in his encyclical LAUDATO SI.  Please visit the K.O.S.F. web site: www.knightsofsaintfrancis.org and go to the Pope Francis environmental page for more information, pick one of his quotes and share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.


photo by Christopher Wagener

It’s a big problem, but we can all help!  Read, share, tweet and donate!

LAUDATO SI-English version is available for download at the Knights of Saint Francis HOME page; pick-up some tips on how you can help Mother Earth in your daily practices.

Finally, please make a tax deductible donation (via the Paypal donate button) to the KNIGHTS OF SAINT FRANCIS.  Whether five dollars or five thousand; no amount is too big or too small!

photo by Korean Culture and Information Service

photo by Korean Culture and Information Service

Four little things you can count on four fingers will get you the “Thumbs Up!”

St. Francis’ favorite sign-off…”Pax et Bonum”, to all of you!

Visit www.knightsofsaintfrancis.org

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