Over 50 years Serving Espresso in San Francisco


Would you like to open a new Trieste location in the USA?

We want to add new members to our family! If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Trieste organization and/or bringing a lovingly run and original, non ”cookie cutter” style Caffe Trieste location to Northern or Southern California, the Southwest or the East Coast?

sign-bottom“The Espresso Pioneers of the West Coast” and the home of “Coffee With Rhythm!”

Are you considering a career change, a second career, or simply owning your own business? Join the Caffe Trieste family!

Caffe Trieste founder “Papa Gianni” Giotta says: “Brew each cup like it’s for you!”

Our History:

Caffe Trieste is world-famous, impeccable quality coffee mixed with the best music—from the heart! It is this unique pairing and style that have made our coffee houses comfortable dens for artists of all types. A Google search reveals a staggering amount of listings, including a Wikipedia page!
Our historic caffe location at 601 Vallejo Street (North Beach-San Francisco) was the first espresso coffee house established on the West Coast (1956). “Papa Gianni” Giotta and his family single-handedly launched the Espresso movement as we know it. The Caffe has become famous across the world for its combination of essences: Old Italy, Bohemian poets, art and music, and excellent Espresso.

The Caffe has served as comfortable respite for actors such as Michael Douglas and a movie set for many feature films and television shows and has been the subject of many articles, news stories and documentaries across the globe. The walls are adorned with pictures of famous celebrities who have visited the Caffe as well as of the hundreds of musical events the various members of the Giotta family have participated in. Since 1971, the Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert, is one of the longest running musical show in San Francisco, and certainly one of the oldest in the United States. All five members of the Giotta family (Papa Gianni, Mamma Ida, ***Gianfranco, Sonia and Fabio have been performing on stage, radio, television and in films since 1953; they have performed with and for many celebrities (Luciano Pavarotti, The Drifters, Frankie Laine, Claudio Villa, and Domenico “Volare” Modugno, to name a few) in front of thousands of local, national and international audiences.

“Coffee With Rhythm”, and the Menu:

Simple and Effective: Our North Beach location’s menu includes Italian and other pastries (fresh daily), cookies, muffins, bagels, sandwiches, salads, light fare, pizza and focaccia sandwiches and beautiful pastry and cakes (some imported from Italy!), all served in a kid-friendly atmosphere. Wine and beer are also served. Children love the Italian Sodas and original, Italian-style Frappe’, while grown-ups savor our signature drinks: Cioccolata Fantasia, Caffe Fantasia, and Africano. The Caffe serves millions of cups of Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte and drip coffee each year!

The tradition of this world-famous, family-run business continues in to the 21st century with Papa Gianni’s daughter in law Adrienne Giotta & granddaughter Ida Pantaleo Zoubi.

Expansion focus is on traditional store-front locations in targeted areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa & Sonoma Valleys-Wine Country, Northern California, Southern California, selected cities in the Southwest, East Coast, and other selected metro areas. Our non-Cookie Cutter approach and the fact that we are family-owned and operated give us the luxury of solid, steady growth via authentic locations that all clearly harken back to our North Beach location.

Our company initiated our growth strategy via its Licensing Program and plans a transition to a full Franchise program. Right now is a great time to get in on the ground floor of our development via our Licensing Program, saving you many Franchise related costs.

A licensing arrangement with Caffe Trieste Incorporated means “marrying” in to the Caffe Trieste family. It is an arm’s length, WIN/WIN relationship that is of mutual benefit to the entire Caffe Trieste organization, past, present and future!

Customers are given many reasons to visit and re-visit our caffes at various times of day or to visit multiple locations such as attending musical or other artistic events in or near the Caffe, or grabbing their favorite cappuccino or caffe latte on their way to an appointment, gathering or meeting.

Sales and Profit Potential: A Million-Dollar Coffee House!
Our locations can post remarkable numbers and are modestly sized and are meant to operate with a modest staff

Our License feature a long life for Licensee/Licensor stability, modest royalties, annual flat rate advertising and No franchise, signing or development fees!

For more information, please contact us at ida@caffetrieste.com  Please tell us why, when and where you would like to open (general geographical area) and ask for our article “Licensing 1A-the Caffe Trieste way!”

Thanks for considering “Caffe Trieste”. 

The Espresso Pioneers of the West…..Since 1956!